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New Less Restrictive Alternative Requirements

April 10, 2024

This blog post is written by Timothy Heinle and originally appeared on the UNC School of Government blog here. Less Restrictive Alternatives and Incompetency Restoration Proceedings In North Carolina, when an adult is adjudicated incompetent and guardianship is ordered, guardianship … Read more

A detailed look at Guardianship changes in North Carolina

March 25, 2024

This blog post originally appeared here and is written by Chris Wilms at Hopler, Wilms, & Hanna, PLLC. Effective January 1, 2024, significant statutory changes are set to impact North Carolina’s adult guardianship laws. These changes to legal guardianship for … Read more

New Forms Related to Guardianship Reform

January 24, 2024

The N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts (AOC) has released new forms related to adult guardianship in response to the Guardianship Reform Law that took effect January 1, 2024. The changes include a new Notice of Rights of Respondents and … Read more