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Rethinking Guardianship Alternatives Guides

Supported Decision-Making

Other Alternatives

  • Able National Resource Center (website) 
  • ARC NC: Guardianship – the ARC’s Life Guardianship page, describing their services and listing alternatives that should be considered.
  • Disability Rights NC – Alternatives to Guardianship (PDF version)
  • Health Care Decision-Making Authority: Who Makes the Decision? (PDF version)
  • Health-Care Decisions Act Summary (PDF version)
  • Independent Living Services for Foster Children through the NC Department of Health and Human Services (website) 
  • NC DHHS: Guardianship and Alternatives to Guardianship – resources from the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services.
  • North Carolina Advance Directive FAQ (website) 
  • North Carolina Advance Directive Healthcare Forms (website)
  • Social Security Representative Payee Program (website) 
  • Two Different Types of Special Needs Trusts from the Special Needs Alliance (website) 
  • University of Missouri – Kansas City Institute for Human Development Charting the Life Course project