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Welcome to Rethinking Guardianship NC

Rethinking Guardianship is a statewide initiative funded by the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities and facilitated by UNC Cares at the School of Social Work at Chapel Hill. Our coalition consists of a diverse group of people committed to improving life for people who are experiencing guardianship or who could benefit from less restrictive alternatives to guardianship. We are self-advocates and their family members, policymakers, legislators, university faculty, and staff from nonprofits, businesses, and associations.

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For more videos and stories of guardianship, Supported Decision-Making, and other alternatives to guardianship, visit our Stories page

What is Guardianship?

Adult guardianship is a legal process. It exists to protect our most vulnerable citizens, including people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities, mental health conditions, traumatic brain injury, significant cognitive impairment due to advanced age, and for youth in foster care. But guardianship takes away people’s right to make the most basic decisions for themselves—such as where they will live and what they will do in the course of a day. Guardianship should be considered as a last resort — a less restrictive alternative may work best for you

For more information about alternatives to guardianship, visit our Resource page.

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