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As many of you are keenly aware, the transition to adulthood for youth with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) can be difficult to navigate. Whether you are a self-advocate, a parent or family member, teacher or educator, social worker, service provider, or other professional, Work Together NC’s new website is the resource we’ve all been waiting for!

Take a few minutes to explore the site, which is currently in Phase 1. There you’ll find searchable resources on topics that include post-secondary education, employment services, social, recreation and daily living supports, housing, mental health, and much more! Eventually, this site will also include a training & certification program for “IDD Inclusive Employers,” and a Community Transition Planning tool.

Work Together NC’s Common Agenda is:

To improve the quality of life of people with I/DD and their families through (1) making it easier to navigate systems of support in the transition to adulthood, and (2) increasing access to meaningful work, continued education, and community engagement.

Using a collective impact approach to facilitate cross sector collaboration and systems change, Work Together NC aims to…

    1. Reduce complexity and increase easier access to services supporting the transition to adulthood, starting int he Triangle and Triad areas of North Carolina and eventually scaling statewide.
    2. Support people with I/DD to access and advance in meaningful work and/or continued education and training.
    3. Partner with businesses to implement, sustain, and recognize the value of inclusive practices.
    4. Further the inclusion of people with I/DD in all areas of chosen participation, including opportunities for civic, leisure/recreation, and community living.
    5. Disseminate accessible and culturally responsive resources.

This solution to this systemic problem is much bigger than one organization or program – which is why we are working together to create a cross-sector, statewide movement toward opportunity for all.

To learn more or get involved in Work Together NC, email

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